Project management

Are you tired of micromanaging everything? Are you annoyed, because you must take responsibility for everything? Let the competent and experienced expert do the job.

Smooth communication, responsibility for work

Your project is never left alone

Does it sound familiar that nobody is responsible when there is trouble?

We have a dedicated person in charge for the project right from the beginning to the very end. We are keen on maintaining continuous and active communication with you as well as our subcontractors.

About safety

Why hire us?

  • Monitor the project on site as well as in the office. Schedule control
  • We keep safety rules observed — safety first
  • One project in one hand
  • Our own engineering staff
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Safety first

Our backoffice staff keeps permanent contact with, among other departments, planning, purchasing, finance, and pre-production.

There are provisional office containers (equipped with, for example, workstation, legal softwares, and plotter), storage container, and resting facility in the project locations.

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Harmony of perfect coordination

Thanks to the efficient communication your project is safe with us



years of experience in industrial environment


Mechanical and electrical installations/project management in 12 Japanese factories


Mechanical and electrical installation in 600,000+ m2 industrial hall


8+ years of experience in design/installation of textile ducts