If a project needs architecture, you can count on our expertise in this trade, too. So you don’t need to contract and take responsibility for any other company during coordination!

Deadline and coordination. Know your entire project is safe under our control!

You are not in charge for responsible

We plan and implement not only mechanical, electrical and automation systems but also make plans for the related architecture jobs. We guarantee your project will meet the deadline without compromises!

Why hire us?

  • We have our own engineering consultant staff.
  • You don’t need to contract any other company.
  • We offer complex solution.
  • We assume full responsibility in architecture as well.
  • We flexibly adapt to your needs.

Architectural solutions

We undertake 100% of the work in these tasks.

  • Plan and build new machine foundations, shafts
  • Reinforce existing machine foundations
  • Steelwork
  • Roof and wall penetrations with watertight sealing
  • Manufacture and installation of rain-shield shutters
  • Relocation of walls
  • ”Building-in-building”-type structures made of sandwich panel
  • Plasterboard and sandwich panel
  • Soundproofing wall structures
  • Resining industrial floors
  • Mechanical, electrical rooms in containers



years of experience in industrial environment


Mechanical and electrical installations/project management in 12 Japanese factories


Mechanical and electrical installation in 600,000+ m2 industrial hall


8+ years of experience in design/installation of textile ducts