Air-conditioning and technological exhaust is in entire industrial halls

Minimize downtimes, reduce your costs and improve working conditions with our customised solutions!

Make the best use of your industrial facilities!

The right system worth a fortune

Every production hall, clean area, or control room is different, and needs a customised solution.

Our solutions allow some zones get heated or cooled, humidified or dried, whereas other rooms get well-ventilated and filtered.

Special areas

Why hire us?

  • 10+ years of experience in industry.
  • You don’t need to contract any other company, because we control the entire process at hand.
  • No need to bother with documentation and authorisation any more.
  • You can be sure you will get the most efficient technological systems.
  • We are highly flexible in adapting to your needs.
  • We give you the best solution at good value-for- money.
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Production hall air-conditioning

Technological Exhaust

Zone air-conditioning

Clean room and control room air conditioning

  • Efficient air distribution
  • Easy and quick installation
  • Special design and implementation of dust-heat-oil mist and battery charger exhaust systems
  • Draught-free solution
  • Quick installation and maintenance
  • Customised and cost-efficient planning, implementation and maintenance

High-quality planning and implementation — everything under our control


One Project – One Control

Is scrap rate too high in your production hall? Do you struggle with unnecessary downtimes? You don’ t know what is the best solution to exhaust dust, oil mist or steam generated at your production line?

We can do everything for you from planning to implementation, so you get a turnkey solution.

Some customers who are fully satisfied with us:

Comfort HVAC implementation – NHK production hall

Comfort HVAC implementation – NHK production hall

Control room air conditioning – Dunafin

Control room air conditioning – Dunafin


We make studies and proposals not only about our implemented systems but also for you if you chose us. We aim to be in perfect harmony with your ideas and find the optimum solution in every detail of the project.

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    Personalized quote

    Do you exactly know what you need? Or are you uncertain about the ideal alternative? Our specialist will contact you as soon as possible.